This page contains a list of all characters who appear in the TV Series. 

Male characters Edit

All male voices were provided by George Layton.

  • Joshua JonesA young man who lives in the Karia's Residence. He travels by his canal boat with his dog Fairport. His main job is to transport goods along the canals but he is more than willing to utilise his boat to help out others in a crisis.
  • Admirable Bapu KariaA retired Indian admirable who served in the Royal Navy and is always putting his experience to good use in everyday tasks. He is Datsa's father-in-law and Ravi's grandfather.
  • Ravi KariaAn eight-year-old boy, Datsa's son and Admirable's grandson.
  • Joe LaskiA farmer from Hungary. He takes care of his horse Trojan.
  • Mr. Wilton CashmoreA rich busybody who likes to boss his staff around. He goes to great lengths to try to impress his own boss, the unseen Mr. Biggott.
  • Spanner WilkinsSharon's boyfriend; an 18 year old lazy accident-prone orange-haired chap who does odd-jobs for Cashmore and various other characters. He often skives off work to go and eat at Sharon's cafe.

Female characters Edit

All female voices were provided by Barbara Flynn.

  • Mrs. Dakasha KariaAdmirable's daughter-in-law and Ravi's mother. She is a very cheerful woman. Her first name is only mentioned in the episode "Tortoise". Ravi's father never appears.
  • Daphne PeacockThe local vetarinian who is often called in to take care of sick animals.
  • Fiona CashmoreA nine-year-old girl, Wilton Cashmore's daughter.
  • Sharon CopeA dizzy blonde girl who sells food from her bistro wagon by the canal.

Animals Edit

  • FairportA Terrier crossbreed dog, Joshua's faithful animal friend.
  • Trojan - Joe's brown horse.
  • Boomer - A colourful parrot who was once loaned to Admirable.

Unseen characters Edit